Please understand that most of the information has been removed due to it’s confidentiality
This series of project are located around the world, we had the oportunity to work together with the Bundesamt für Bauten und Logistik BBL in Bern on the renovation works for the Embassies of Switzerland in Colombo, Jakarta, Singapur, Amman and Wellington. Each of the projects involved different works, from internal design elements or external renovations to the design and planning of new temporary offices that were to be developed to keep the Embassy running during the renovation.

In Amman/Jordan, a larger building was needed to consolidate all service units. The new residential building, designed by the architects Tahhan and Bushnaq in Amman, was completely rebuilt to meet the needs of the Embassy. Public counters were installed on the ground floor, which are separated from the office area in terms of space and security. The spatial arrangement of the interior rooms was completely redesigned. The material and design concept was developed and implemented in cooperation with the local architects.

In Jakarta/Indonesia, the main building was going to be completly renovated, this meant that a new temporary building needed to be plan. This new temporary building had to be almost as big as the original one because there was no way to keep the authorities working on smaller teams or in the maioni building over the several phases of the renovation. A lot of effort was done to keep the workplaces running as the original but optimized in a smaller area located on the backside of the embassy, next to parking area.