Residential complex in Reinach (Switzerland), combining high-quality accommodation in modern living spaces with a family-friendly environment. The project has 56 residential units in five new buildings on over 8.880 m2 including an underground parking. In between you can find green areas with the feeling of a park-like neighborhood, offering privacy to its residents and meeting spaces.


I joined this project together with a team to develop all the documentation needed for the “Ausführungsprojekt”, plans in 1:50 scale, dossiers in 1:20 needed for the offers and details in 1:5 for solving the corner problems, from the parking to the roof section. In 2015 the project needed only 2 person and we were in charge of providing all the documents for the engineer and the builders, checking and handing in drawings for the construction site. The project will be finish by the end of 2016 following our deadlines and without major problems.