Residential complex in Aesch (Switzerland), combining apartments from 2.5 Rooms to 4.5 Rooms in a great area. The Victus project was originally developed by Salathé Architects. I worked together with Halter AG and Zophoniasson Architekten to push the project to the limits while keeping the original ideas intact. In total we have added 51 new apartments, always trying to reach the allowed BGF. We also changed the combination of 2.5 Zi W 3.5 Zi W and 4.5 Zi W and with a better range in their areas. Which is allways pleaing for investors.

Together with Halter AG we were able to develop for the TURM building 21 new apartments and reaching it’s the maximum surface. For the Building KAMM and the original 5726m² allowed we went to the limit of 5995m² fitting in 6 new apartments. In the building HOFBAU we built 13 new apartments and again reached the maximum BGF. Last, in the Building SCHEIBE, we were able to include 11 new apartments in the maximum permissible gross floor area.
In some cases, as in the KAMM and TURM buildings, it was necessary to redesign the floor plan and the apartments to either eliminate vertical circulation (stairs and elevator) or to optimize hallways.