Full renovation of a single family house, originally building from 1942. It was divided in 2 small apartments and a small cellar and a garage, with a diferent cota from the main street to the backyard garden that provides an interesting look to the building itself. On the inside everything was made out of wood and mostly every room covered with wooden panels, with the classic Swiss style that the clients wanted to keep on some rooms.


From the very begining talking with the clients about wishes and needs, trying to solve the problems within the remaining structure of the house and providing solutions to fit the new rooms that were needed. All the documentation needed for the “Baueingabe” and submiting it to the “Gemeinde”, the “Ausführungprojek” containing plans in 1:50 scale, dossiers in 1:20 needed for the offers and details in 1:5 for solving the problems between the old facade and the new one. Several variations were made for the outside look, the new kitchen and bathrooms as well as solutions for the inner spaces of the rooms open to the height of the existing roof.