The project, a Transport Hub in Aranjuez (Madrid), is the result of an industrial design in the cultural context of the royal gardens.

The main idea is to improve the landscape, damaged by the railroad over the years, breaking this virtual wall from the city and recovering the royal gardens as they were before, removing the abandoned buildings with no use, to have only a dialogue between the Royal Palace and the new railway station.


With the railroad as starting point, I started using it’s patterns, materials and images, such as speed, direction, colour, as the base concept. The project then will fly over the tracks with an industrial and neutral language as a living ceiling, a modular architecture generating spaces by it’s own repetition.

The whole station is hanging perforated by the structure, as skylights from the top to the platforms, wrapped in a skin of glass easy to read. The interior space reflects these intentions with double height from which you can observe the trains or structure above.